Hi everyone! I'm Reese, and I'm a wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina. This is my weddings blog! It's a bit of everything: my favorite photos, romantic moments, funny happenings, and fabulous details. I love to travel for weddings, and I've shot weddings everywhere from Key Largo to Springfield, Illinois. I'd love to be a part of your big day! Check out more of my work - or book me! - at www.ReeseMooreWeddings.com.

  1. Happy Feet

    No Cinderella here: super chill bride Rebecca waltzed up to her bridal portrait wearing her favorite pair of chucks. The gorgeous bride-to-be kept me laughing through her entire bridal portrait, but Rebecca had something up her sleeve, so to speak. This mischievous lady rocked Converses all the way down the altar as well. More pics soon!


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